Call for Papers: Accepting Abstracts through January 15, 2016

Taste and Text(ure)

March 31-April 2, 2016 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Taste and Texture mediate the human encounter of the material world by traversing diverse spaces, times, and contexts, thereby enriching sensory perception. Sounding these five corporeal senses reveals a more profound "sixth" sense that lends psychosomatic, emotional, spiritual, and even supernatural dimension to the human body. Whether exploring the bawdy Carnivalesque of the Renaissance or the textual aesthetics of contemporary global cinema, the 2016 Carolina Conference will approach the discovery of the senses within the context of Romance Studies, but from an interdisciplinary perspective. We encourage papers that focus on the aspects of sensory perception that tempt, nourish, delight or disgust, and contribute to layered interpretations of lived human experience. 


We invite papers that examine the multifarious senses that contribute to these experiences as well as the place of the place of the body within the material, natural, and metaphysical worlds. In addition to literary and cultural studies, we also welcome discussions of sustainability, materiality, orality, and food culture as they relate to the tactile, the gustatory, the olfactory, the auditory, and the optical dimensions of human existence.  

Please submit abstracts of 300-400 words in English to by January 15, 2016. Accepted conference presentations must be in English and no longer than twenty minutes in length. Creative writing submissions, as well as papers or panels directly related to other university events--including the Quixote Festival or UNC's "Food for All" theme--are also welcome.

Additional Approaches as Related to Romance Studies:

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