Conference Schedule and Programs

Current Conference

The 2016 Carolina Conference for Romance Studies will run from March 31-April 2, with a special Sunday Roundtable on April 3. Please see the conference program for detailed information.

Please see the full 2016 Conference Program here.

Previous Conferences

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Past keynote speakers & invited writers

2015 CCRL - 21st Annual:

French: Julitte Cherbuliez, Martine Delvaux (Invited Writer)

Spanish: Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Italian: Lina Insana


2014 CCRL - 20th Annual:

Italian: Barbara Spackman, Andrea Segre (Invited Artist)

Spanish: Arturo Arias, Horacio Castellanos Moya

French: Nathalie Debrauwere-Miller


2013 CCRL - 19th Annual:

Spanish: Rosa Montero, Juan Villoro (Invited Writer)

French: Jarrod Hayes

Italian: Karen Pinkus


2012 CCRL - 18th Annual:

French: Claire Goldstein, Lori Saint-Martin (Invited Writer)

Spanish: Christopher Maurer

Italian: Roberto Dainotto


2011 CCRL - 17th Annual:

Italian: Roberta Morosini, Maria Laurino (Invited Writer)

French: Anne Deneys-Tunney

Spanish: Leonardo Padura Fuentes


2010 CCRL - 16th Annual:

Spanish: José Manuel Prieto, Manuel Muñoz (Invited Writer)

French: Réda Bensmaïa

Italian: Teresa Fiore


2009 CCRL - 15th Annual:

French: Régine Robin

Spanish: Esther Bendahan, Gioconda Belli (Invited Writer)

Italian: Robert Viscusi


2008 CCRL - 14th Annual:

French: Lise Gauvin

Spanish: John Beverley, Santiago Roncagliolo (Invited Writer)


2007 CCRL - 13th Annual:

Italian: Paul Colilli

Spanish: José Edmundo Paz-Soldán

French: Abdellatif Attafi


2006 CCRL - 12th Annual:

Spanish: Howard Mancing

Portuguese: Charles A. Perrone

French: Lydie Moudileno


2005 CCRL - 11th Annual:  

Italian: Antonio Vitti

French: Amadou Koné

Spanish: Gustavo Pérez Firmat


2004 CCRL - 10th Annual:  French:  Kathryn M. Grossman

Spanish: René Prieto

Portuguese: David Brookshaw


2003 CCRL - 9th Annual:

Spanish: David William Foster

French: Mireille Rosello

Italian: Pier Massimo Forni

2002 CCRL - 8th Annual:

French: David Hult

Spanish: John Dagenais

Portuguese: A. Cristina Ferreira-Pinto


2001 CCRL - 7th Annual:

Portuguese: Renato Faria

French: Jean-Michel Maulpoix

Spanish: Rolena Adorno


2000 CCRL - 6th Annual:

Spanish: Luisa Valenzuela

Italian: Antonia Arslan


1999 CCRL - 5th Annual:

Italian: Paolo Cherchi

Spanish: Juan Villegas

French: François Rigolot


1998 CCRL - 4th Annual:

French: Marc Augé

Italian: Rebecca West

Spanish: Donald W. Bleznick


1997 CCRL - 3rd Annual:

Portuguese: Severino Albuquerque

French: Dennis Hollier, Anne Garréta (Invited Writer)


1996 CCRL - 2nd Annual:

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1995 CCRL - 1st Annual:

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